Wednesday, January 24, 2018


*taps mic* Is this thing still on? Y'all still out there? Oh hey!!! Long time, no see! Yes, I'm aware it's January and I haven't blogged since May, and to be super honest, I don't have any excuses other than I just haven't felt up to it. I've always been honest with y'all, so no reason to start lying. Blogging hasn't been on my list of priorities and I'm not sure it will be in the future, but let's just see where this goes. I started blogging because I didn't see women who looked like me in the media. Fat, black women who loved to pair their Jimmy Choo's with a $3 sweater dress (except for can find ANYTHING on Tumblr) and the only opinion that mattered was hers. With the help of Instagram and various other platforms, you now see her. She's not me, but she's out there. Sometimes I wonder if my tiny space is even necessary anymore, as more and more blogs are largely brand driven and all about the links. I'm rambling now and I appreciate y'all for listening. I can't guarantee I'll be posting on a regular, but I can promise you this: If I decide to stop, you will be the 1st to know. Ok, on to why you're really here....

 As you know, I live in LA and we really don't get a true winter, but I love me some chunky and bright knits. I know winter is the season for black/navy/gray, but I need color and lots of it.

Dress: Gifted from Divaxpressvintage
Boots: Windsor ($5!! Fluke sale, in store)
Belt: No name from Nordstrom Rack


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