Monday, May 22, 2017

Me encanta Cuba

Happy May everyone! Can you believe this year is almost half over? 2017 has been interesting (to say the least) but traveling to new places lessens the blow a bit. Cuba has been on my list for a while and I jumped on the opportunity. I suggest if you plan to visit, make it soon. With the political craziness going on, who knows how long the doors will be open?

  • Bring enough cash to last your entire stay. US issued credit/bank cards do not work there; US cash is not accepted. Exchange your money at the airport (I would advise against exchanging anywhere else). 
  • Download Google Translator if you are not moderate in Spanish. Our Airbnb host was bilingual but it was not in English. Same with maps; there is NO wifi (with the exception of certain hotels and parks.)
  • Focus on learning the culture and way of life, rather than beautiful selfies. I had seen so many amazing pics from other bloggers and attempted to take gorgeous shots in various locations, but quickly realized I was losing sight of why I was truly there. Put your camera/phone down and dive in. 
  • If this will be your first visit, stay longer than 3 days. I truly regret only staying for 3 days (one of those days was an entire beach day); I did not get the opportunity to see/do a lot of what I wanted. 
  • That myth of the food being unseasoned is just that: A myth. Unless you love the taste of a ton of salt, no need to bring your own seasoning. 
  • THERE IS NO WIFI. I cannot stress this enough. Not every hotel has wifi and when you do locate a wifi park or hotel that does, the connection is sketchy. Wifi cards cost about 2-4 CUC's and there will be someone near a wifi spot selling them. 
  • Do not accept change in CUP. For tourists, CUC is what you should receive. 
  • Respect the Cuban way of life. Complaining about the lack of amenities can be viewed as insulting. Don't be THAT American. 
  • Comfy shoes are a must. There's a ton of walking and the streets are cobblestone and not in the best condition. 
  • Book a walking tour/driving tour. Tour guides are so informative and so proud of Cuba and give you a true history.
  • Do your research in advance! Restaurants, tours, beaches, things you truly want to do/explore. You cannot just simply log on to Google while there, and look. 
Prior to traveling, I read other bloggers accounts of their trips: Chante's and Fashion Steele. Also check out my travel crew's accounts: Dionna and Georgette

If you plan on traveling to Cuba, let me know! I would love to hear your thoughts.
Until next time....


  1. I too have this on my travel bucket list. Last year a couple of friends had the chance to visit Cuba as part of a Mission trip and when asked why they didn't bring back a lot of pics saying they were just trying to soak it all in. Glad you had a safe and enjoyable trip and thanks for sharing.

  2. Love these shots, your tips and your braids!

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