Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Love Hangover

Hey girl, hey! June has been a rough month and I'm happy that it will be behind us very soon. Today's post features swimwear; as an outfit and as it's actual purpose. When Jibri released her line of luxurious coverups, I immediately knew I had to have one. While I await my fabulous choice to arrive, I wanted to give you all an idea on how to wear your coverups as an actual article of clothing (who doesn't love a multi-purpose piece?) AND as an option for a glam pool party.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Chambray FTW

I initially saw this jumpsuit on Rainbow's website and knew I wanted it. I'm so glad I found it in store and was able to try it on. It's a little big under the arms, but nothing a trip to the tailor can't fix. I wore this for a fun brunch at Cuba Libre in Philly (did you see my Snaps in Philly? I had an amazing time and can't wait to go back).

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Uptown Funk

Wore this to meander the lovely streets of Philadelphia. Dashiki belonged to my dad, dress is from Asos. When in doubt, mix a print...it will change your fashion life :-)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


This weather has been dismal, at best. Unfortunately, May Gray is in full affect...which totally sucks. I guess that 90 degree weather streak we had in March is the trade off. In attempts to convince the sun to make an appearance, I threw on a total summer outfit (I was freezing!). When Fashion To Figure sent me this romper, I had my reservations because it felt too bare. Paired it with a kimono from BCBGeneration, but still felt a certain kind of way. Next time I wear this, I'll most likely do an actual duster. I'm loving the trend of kimono's/dusters...super chic way of adding a bit of coverage when you feel a tad too bare.

Romper: Here
Kimono: Here

Monday, May 25, 2015


I absolutely love Etsy...it's an endless playground, filled with independent designers and funky designs. I fell in love with this top from Nigerian Hippie AND it was on sale. SCORE! It's a wax print, which is 100% cotton and holds shape very well. I can't wait to style this for the summer.

*I'm having a tribal print moment for the summer. This should be fun :-)

Monday, May 18, 2015


Hola! Hope all is well with everyone! Los Angeles has been experiencing some very unusual weather these past couple of weeks; it's the middle of May and temps are in the low 60's. While this is awesome weather for you East Coast/Mid West folks, this is freezing for us (for me anyway). Dear Mother Nature: Over the knee boots shouldn't be worn in May, in L.A. Let's try and correct this situation, ok? Thanks.

Monday, April 27, 2015

My Truth

"You have so much self-confidence!" "I could never be as confident as you." "Where does all this self-confidence come from?" 
While most believe these comments are compliments, I find them to be almost insulting...let's discuss why: As a dark skinned, overweight black woman with nappy, natural hair (real/weave/wig), I am everything that society tells you is ugly or non desirable. I am not the standard of beauty, in America and many, many other countries. You will not open a popular, mainstream magazine and see me. You will not click on the television and see a character who looks like me unless it involves a nanny, being oversexualized or a stereotype....yes, even in "black" television shows. Up until a few years ago, you wouldn't even see me in blogs (with the exception of Tumblr; it's always been ahead of the game). Thank God things are slowly changing, but when I hear someone ask me how I became so confident, I hear this: "You're dark, fat and nappy, so how are you pretty? How can you have so much confidence when you're not supposed to??" While this may sound defensive, it is my truth. If I listened to society and others, I would be a miserable person. When people marvel at how well I dress, I have to laugh because in this day and age, with all of social media, you still think a fat women cannot dress well. I don't view being dark, fat and nappy as a disadvantage, but I have tough skin. I am not brave for my fashion choices; I just happen to be a plus sized woman who loves bright colors and unique designs. If dark skin, natural hair and some cellulite are considered flaws, then I want nothing to do with perfection. If you take nothing from this post but one thing, let it be this: Beauty comes in ALL shades, ALL sizes, ALL hair textures. Oh and to answer the question,  my self-confidence comes from looking in the mirror and telling myself that I am beautiful, I am worthy, I am deserving of all things good. I find beauty in flaws and you should as well. Be your best you...

Monday, April 13, 2015


Hola! I hope all is well with you; how's your spring treating you thus far? The last few weeks have been super stressful, but I am happy to report that things have finally settled down. I am so grateful to have this tiny space to express myself style-wise; it's a huge stress release. You all have made this blogging experience absolutely wonderful and I feel so blessed to have you. Ok, now on to why you're really here...
I love the look of an off the shoulder dress and Asos (of course) has provided me with a piece I absolutely adore. It's super lightweight, comfy and best of all?? No shape wear is needed *throws glitter* 
On the model, the dress isn't belted; however I wanted to give it some shape. I wish this dress came in different prints, but I am in no way complaining. Nothing wrong with paisley in a fun shape.

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Way I Wore Pop up Plus

Dress worn as tunic: Here
Skirt: Vince Camuto 
Heels: Schutz

When  Pop Up Plus contacted me, I was a bit skeptical because of the Jr. Plus sizing. Jr. Plus usually doesn't agree with my curves, but I love a challenge. I styled each of these pieces in ways that I would totally wear. It was an important lesson in not writing off an item of clothing just because you aren't sure it will work for you.

 Dress: Here

Layering a dress is a super easy way of incorporating style into fashion. These looks are complete opposites, but isn't that the beauty of personal style? Doing it YOUR way. What do y'all think? Which look is your favorite?

*This post was sponsored by Pop Up Plus; however all opinions are my own. 
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