Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lace It Up

Just like every other wide calved woman, this time of year can drive you crazy looking for stylish, knee length boots. I first saw these boots on Chante's Instagram and it was love at first sight. I ordered and had them sent to my local Torrid store. I will be very honest: I was quite skeptical at the calf measurements provided on the site and did not think they would fit my 19inch calves. I figured if they didn't fit, I could immediately return them while at the store. In my opinion, these boots are so much better in person than in pics. The heel is sturdy and if you're a heel wearer, like myself, you will find these very comfortable. I see that they are no longer on the site, but I'm hoping Torrid brings them back!

Boots: Torrid (sold out)
Romper: Charlotte Russe (not online)
Clutch: Vendor in Brooklyn

*This romper is from Charlotte Russe (in store), found on the clearance rack. It was $10 and not the best fit. Hindsight shows me that I will be adding a belt next time.


  1. Yessss girl! The boots look great on you!

  2. Will you sell me the boots? If they're a 11. I'm in la so I can pick them up lol I'm serious if so email me


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