Monday, May 18, 2015


Hola! Hope all is well with everyone! Los Angeles has been experiencing some very unusual weather these past couple of weeks; it's the middle of May and temps are in the low 60's. While this is awesome weather for you East Coast/Mid West folks, this is freezing for us (for me anyway). Dear Mother Nature: Over the knee boots shouldn't be worn in May, in L.A. Let's try and correct this situation, ok? Thanks.

The beauty in being a woman is that we can change our hair/look at a moment's notice. I was getting bored with the curls, so I decided to switch it up a bit. Straight hair was the answer for the was fun for the moment.

All pieces worn are old and have been worn before. Closet remixing is fun and so necessary; who doesn't like reinventing their wardrobe every once and a while?

Tunic: African shop in Harlem
Dress (worn underneath): Asos
Boots: Ross Hommerson, via Ebay 

*Thank you for the pictures Mo!
**I now have Snapchat; ivoryjinelle is the username. Follow me for a bit of craziness, with a touch of rambling.


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