Monday, February 1, 2016

Ugly in Love

Happy New Year! Since I haven't seen y'all since 2015, new year wishes are a must. I hope 2016 is treating you well so far. January was pretty busy and I created some new opportunities in both my blog and personal lives. I am so looking forward to what's next!

Towards the end of 2015, I wasn't feeling anything in stores/online, so I shopped my closet. I love my "Bill Cosby" sweater dress; I found it on one of my thrifting jaunts a couple of years ago. I had totally forgotten about it and was thrilled when I pulled it out of one of my many storage bins. I paired it with Ms. Danke, my new favorite accessory. My head is huge and I have the hardest time finding hats, so I was thrilled when it arrived, it fit, AND the color is outstanding. I purchased in a XL and it fits perfectly. Speaking of perfect, I found these amazing boots while in Houston over the holiday. They are from Lane Bryant (no longer available) and are ridiculously comfortable. They are real suede and I absolutely love how they zip all the way up the leg. I love how this look incorporates a few of my favorites: Over the knee boots, color, and vintage. I say this all the time, but cannot stress it enough…when you love what you're wearing, that confidence just shines through. I would rather have 3 pieces that I love in my closet, than 33 of items I'm just "in like" with.

Sweater dress: Thrifted, but here are a few similar alternatives: Here or here or here (If you hate going to actual thrift stores, eBay is a great solution. You will pay more, but convenience costs)

I would love to hear what piece you have in your closet that you're in love with! Comment below or tag me at IvoryJinelle on IG. I love seeing what makes others happy.


  1. Why haven't I been stalking your blog before now? I will be sharing this look on our FB page {} next week as we prepare to stock our store with fedoras for the upcoming season. I will be using a direct link to your blog to ensure you are receiving proper credit.

    If that will be a problem, please shoot me an email {}. I want to be completely respectful of your work.

    Keep slaying!

  2. This sweater dress is everything!


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