Thursday, September 4, 2014

Skating around

Happy September, everyone! Contrary to popular belief, summer IS NOT over just yet! While in NYC, I decided to keep the summer train rolling with this amazing PVC skirt from Simply Be. It is my first attempt at the "skater" trend and I absolutely love it.

I have reluctantly resisted this trend, mainly because I hate feeling like my backside is out for the world to see...that and I love the way hips look in pencil skirts. I am so happy I stepped out of my own box and went for it.
(The skirt is a bit big in the waist; I always fit my hips first and worry about rest later. I'm hoping I can get the waist taken in, but not sure it can be done due to the material)

Bodysuit: Asos Skirt: courtesy of Simply Be


  1. ah i love this outfit so much I need this skirt!! lol the bodysuit im scared of I am very top heavy but I cant resist it. !!! You are stunning as always xxxx


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