Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wild Siren

Hey Everyone! Hope your week is going well...if it's not, this might make it a bit better. Let me introduce to you Maria Carmier, Head Designer at Wild Siren. I met Maria a year or so ago at plus size brunch event; both her spirit and enthusiasm were amazing. Such great energy and excitement towards starting her own line! She has very recently decided to dive into the world of swimsuits and I would like to give you a glimpse of what she has to offer. Can I just say that I am so loving all the new options we are being given as far as sexy/fun swimwear???
Here's a bit about Maria:

"I have been designing for the last five years. I started off in the plus size world as a model, but you hadn't seen my face around because I didn't fit the part for many agencies or designers. I was too short and too flat chested! I took all the closed doors as sign that I needed to open up my own door!

In October of 2012, I was lucky to meet Chenese Lewis & You, Ivory, during a brunch event. You both embraced and inspired me with such positive and critical feedback, that when I got home I immediately got to work!

5 months later, in March of 2013, I decided to continue embarking on my artistic journey as a designer and launched my site and clothing line online. But prior to, I made a promise to myself that as an entrepreneur in this field, my focus is to revolutionize the fashion world by giving every body a chance. And exactly How would I do this? By embracing plus sizes in its entirety, this meant to include models of ALL sizes. There are many bodies from straight to curvy and I design with them in mind.

This year we decided to continue making strides by including swim wear in three styles with a variety of prints!
There will be two swim releases one in April and one in June. During our exclusive party May 3rd, guests will be part of Wild Siren history as we debut our own mini runway show. They'll also get to preview and pre-order June's release of swim wear! 

You can find out more at & RSVP for invite details to our Launch Party May 3rd 2014."

 *This 2 bikini is my favorite thus far!

What do you think? I love having options; I say the more, the merrier when it comes to plus size swimwear. If you're loving what you see, visit Wild Siren for more information on the launch party.

**I LOVE that she used everyday women to model these suits. I cannot always identify with the hourglass/pear shaped models that designers like to use. 


  1. **I LOVE that she used everyday women to model these suits. I cannot always identify with the hourglass/pear shaped models that designers like to use.

    I say these two lines are the best part of this article. The swimsuits are nice, but I'd really like to see models AND bloggers with body types other than the hourglass/pear shape! Designers in particular should embrace ALL body types because after all the walls curvy girls have had to break down, and they show just one body type? It really is sad and discouraging at time! I'd love to see how clothes look on someone with... less hips? All in all, it's really cool to see a new designer on the market! I hope to see more from her!


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