Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lacy Sunday

Earlier today, I attended a lingerie launch at Macy's in Baldwin Hills. As a true "girly girl", I am a lover off all things lacy and delicate. When I was informed the designer of Urban Intimates was African American, I immediately became curious if a "nude for me" bra/panty would be apart of the collection (it was!!!). I was pleasantly surprised at the variety and price points; $15-$45. I was able to touch a few of the pieces and found the quality to be fair and exceeded the price points. Nothing extraordinary; however I appreciate the range in sizes: bras 32DD-44H and panties medium-3x.

Designer of Urban Intimates, Pysche with her two models.


  1. Very nice love the sets shown in the pics.....Hopefully with her collection I can find a nude bra that compliments my skintone will definitely be keeping an eye out for urban intimates at my macys thanks for sharing!


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