Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So happy to finally say Happy Spring everyone!!! If you follow me on Instagram (@ivoryjinelle), you may have already seen this amazing vintage tunic I ran across. My initial reaction was a deep, sharp and short breath; imagine thinking you're about to stub your toe and you're anticipating the pain. Dramatic much? Yes, but I was excited. Since the tunic is sheer and gaudy, it can be worn a plethora of ways. Next time, I'm thinking of baring some midriff ;-)
Speaking of skin, can we discuss how insanely difficult it is for us chocolate ladies to find "nude" shoes??? I wonder when designers will realize that nude is NOT all inclusive. My search continues; however these sandals from Fergie will do for now.

In case you're wondering where I wore this ensemble, I had the immense pleasure of attending the POSH fashion show. It's rare that LA holds a fashion show for women that are not sample size, so you can imagine the excitement and expectations. The show was fabulous and I am so looking forward to the October show. I do wish I had seen more of a presence of LA based plus fashion brands; however after the success of the 1st show, I have a feeling this will change. Shanda Freeman's line was my favorite; that gold kimono will be purchased. I can honestly say I was a horrible blogger and was too busy studying the clothes walking the runway and running my mouth to take great pictures. I will do better at the next show; in the meantime please check out Mo's pictures here. Also check out #poshlafw on Instagram for behind the scene pics.


  1. You are the epitome of what grown woman sexy is I anticipate your post because I know its going to be fierce you just know how to put together pieces an make them your own no one else has your style an i love it all from the lippie to the nude shoes WERK!

    1. such a sweet comment!!! thank you so much :-)

  2. Arghhh I love that shirt!! Beautiful xx

  3. thats a fab tunic right there ... love how you colour blocked it, wudnt have even spotted it... glad you did, it shows: u hv eyes for vintage coz that top makes sense because your style is great. good luck on findind those nude shoes hopefully you will be ensembling them with an etirely camel brown outfit including this top ofcoz.Wish we were getting into summer too here in South Africa...... i really hate winter with all bulky clothes: im jealous that you guys are approaching summer :( Love that Maxi, id work it too if was summer here. Enjoy


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