Monday, December 10, 2012


I have been super excited to share this new adventure with you all and now the time has finally come! I, along with fab bloggers Monique and Elann, decided to do a lookbook for Fall/Holiday. I'm nowhere near a model, nor do I want to be (taking pictures is EXHAUSTING!!! Big ups to those who do it so well). Take a look and I hope you enjoy! Click on the link below the picture :-)



  1. loved it... some models don t look as cute... i loved the concept...

  2. Thank you for your comment; however, we aren't models. We are 3 independent bloggers who styled ourselves.

  3. I think this was an awesome idea and I loved the looks! Was happy to see 3 different bloggers representing yet staying true to their own style.

    You girls did a great job!

    Hope we get to see one next season too! :)


  4. It was awsome! Thank you for sharing.Were all the pieces either from Sonsi, Lane Bryant, Mynt 1792, or IGIGI? I seen a few items I wouldn't mind purchasing but there wasn't a label or name from where they were from.


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