Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My .02 cents

During FFFWeek, I had the pleasure of attending the Indie Fashion Show. I met my favorite plus designer, Jasmine Elder of Jibri; she was so sweet and personable. She looked great (I'm hoping she puts that jumpsuit  into production) and was an overall pleasure to finally meet. Its rare that you meet people who are as friendly as they are talented.
Now that I shared the good stuff, let's move on to the REAL: I can now see why some bloggers are bloggers. Get them out from behind the laptop and their personalities are about as exciting as a can of paint. The plus size blogging community is small and the plus size blogging community of color is even smaller. Call me naive, but I guess I expected a very friendly environment...I was sadly mistaken. It's unfortunate because we are such an under served community; hell we're all fat and fashionable (in our own minds). I was disheartened to see the negative attitudes and snobbish demeanor of some ladies and even more saddened by the fact that I wasn't the only person who felt the same negativity as I. Can't we all just get along?? I know we can't, but it's a nice thought.
Now y'all know I wouldn't leave you without posting some pics of the event...enjoy!

 How cute was she??? Loved her look.

 Her fascinator was EVERYTHING.

 Jibri and I.

Loved that jumpsuit!


  1. I love Jibri's style. My pockets just cant afford it! but it sucks that there was so much negative energy. But you looked fabulous as always. you give my courage to wear a bandeau top!


  2. You look fabulous as always.. it really does suck that when you finally get to meet up with everyone you end up experiencing that kind of "hate".. We as a blogging community really do have to do better!

  3. Love Love Love the way you dress classy an sexy an i totally agree with shainna you werking that bandeau top you look fab hunn!

  4. It's sad what you wrote about folks not being nice toward each other and it takes integrity and bravery to voice it, kudos! I like the keep-it-real folks! Although am lost as to which community I belong into ( size wise) lol I feel am in-between, "regular" size frame wise but triple D boobs and a huge rear end...I just relate to anyone whose fashion creations I like, so....


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