Saturday, June 2, 2012

Imagine that

Picture this:  A size 16 and up, early 30's single/married/in a relationship, woman. She is gainfully employed, fashion forward and happy. She works hard and plays even harder...her social calendar is full and the stamps on her passport are plentiful. She shops EVERYWHERE, bypassing the fashion "rules" and makes certain items work for her body. She is confident and proud of who she is. She is able to let the ignorant comments she sees about fat people on various social networking slide off her back; after all, why should a person's opinion change HER mindset of HER body? If she's single, she dates and most likely runs across the same issues as her size 0-10 friends. If she's in a relationship, it's a healthy one; her partner appreciates who she is and makes it clear how attracted they are to her. She often steps outside the box when it comes to what she wears and is confident enough to know she looks great. There's no crying about how fat she is or doubting what an awesome person she is just because her clothing size is in double digits. Now, imagine all this in a reality television show...wouldn't that be awesome??? Watching Big Brooklyn Style made me yearn for a show I just described. I know, I know, networks don't believe a fat girl like this exists and until they do, we are somewhat stuck with shows that portray us as downtrodden and sad *deep sigh* Anyway, a girl can dream, right?
It wouldn't be fair to leave y'all without any outfit pics, so the following is what I wore on a night out. I wasn't going to post these pics, mainly because my hair looks a H.A.M, but Mo convinced me to post. The dress is H&M, shoes are Aldo, lipstick is MAC-Ruby Woo.

P.S. I will be at FFFWeek 2 weeks from now! Super excited and can't wait to meet bloggers I've been following...if you're a reader, please say hello; I would love to meet you :-)


  1. You described me!! Early 30's, married, size 18 & HAPPY!! =D

    Love the dress! Very sexy!

    1. exactly! who wouldn't want to see that???

  2. That's a show I'd definitely watch!

  3. Cute dress, i'm still working on incorporating dresses and skirts like these into my wardrobe.

  4. MissKroberts: I think dresses are the easiest to wear; I struggle with separates, mainly because my bottom half is so difficult to fit.

  5. Is FFFW going to be in LA or is it NY?? Do tell please! I am in Los Angeles and would love to attend some of the events!

  6. Love this dress on you......Fab indeed!

  7. WHAT?! I don't see anything wrong with your hair! You look Great!


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