Thursday, September 22, 2011

A few things I want to speak about before my outfit post:

1. I want to thank and welcome all new readers (that word follower makes me slightly uncomfortable, but we'll discuss that another time). I've received so many kind words and appreciation, which is amazing especially considering no one knows me LOL! I dress for myself and it's great that others can see what I see when putting together an outfit.

2. My camera sucks, I am technology illiterate and have no idea of what type of new camera to purchase. I would LOVE your suggestions.

3. Since I've been blogging and meeting other bloggers, I am often asked why I'm not in the fashion industry as opposed to public service. As much as I love fashion, I seriously do not have the temperament to deal with other people's insecurities and body image issues. We all have insecurities; however it bothers me to no end to hear someone whine about a body part or a stretch mark or their 2nd toe being longer than their 1st. I'm sure a person missing a limb or with a disability would love to have your "problem", so please take the time to appreciate what you have. Just because others believe I dress well DOES NOT mean I should be a stylist. I have considered looking into it, but who am I kidding??? Folks would get on my last nerve...

4. I need to either really learn how to sew or find an awesome tailor. There are so many items I want that do not come in my size. If anyone can recommend an excellent seamstress in the Los Angeles, holla at your girl!

5. I now have Twitter *swipes late pass* @ivoryjinelle. Feel free to tweet or email me:

Ok, on to the outfits:

 I wore this to work last week: Dress: Michael Kors, Shoes: Asos. I love this dress; very comfortable and versatile. I will be rocking this in the winter with a turtleneck, tights and ankle boots.

I promise you that I wear this blazer with the sleeves pushed up; it looks 1,464 times better. I was freezing whilst taking these pics and coming down with a cold and really didn't give a damn about my sleeves. Anyway....
Blazer: Metrostyle, Shirt: Asos, Belt: MK, Jeans: F21, Shoes: Kandee. Ok, so I'm freaking in love with these shoes! I'm currently on the hunt for a white dress that is as appropriately hot to pair with them. I've determined that white is the only color that I would like seen with the shoes (black isn't an option).


  1. Those shoes made me gasp and clutch my pearls! Hot! Love the looks!

  2. love that dress, I feel u on ghe camera and technical issues and the taylor! It was wonderful meeting u at the conference in nyc and im going to hold u to that shoppin excursion when I come to LA this winter! Please follow back girl! Werk!


  3. Both outfits are fab! I love the mix of prints in the first outfit and the shoes in the second outfit are to die for!!!


    Both looks are amazing!
    Next time I wanna see this new hairstyle of yours from the side too!
    Thank you very much :)

  5. I'm kicking myself for returning that Michael Kors zebra print dress. It didn't look nearly as good on me as it does you. I think I should have went a size down because I felt it was a little too baggy.

    Double yes to those shoes. Fantastic!

  6. Booooo! You look so yummylicious!! Stunning as always. xoxo

  7. Love that MK dress! You look fantastic. Love how you paired it with floral heels.
    Those Kandee shoes are the!!1


  8. Wow! I love both of these looks their so fabulous and those heels are amazing!!

    P.S. I have an award for you on my blog here: :D


  9. I love both these outfits! I especially love how you paired the 1st dress with the floral heels. Those shoes in the second outfit are just too fab!

  10. I love you. I say readers as well, to even say followers or fans, unless you have 1M, is a bit much. And I'm looking for a tailor to!! To make me a white blazer like that one!!!!!!! Jealous. :(


    Xo jess

  11. That dress I need it in my life LOL! Those shoes in the 2nd photo are so FAB. Really diggin your blog!


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