Sunday, June 19, 2011

Can I kick it??

.25 cents to whoever can finish the above lyric....

I have about 12-16 articles of clothing that still have tags on them in my closets. Some (like this dress) have been in 1 of these closets for a year or longer. I'm determined to wear each piece by the end of the summer. I found this dress at Ross for like $11. Keena (hey girl!!) has this dress in black and it looks fantastic on her.

P.S I know I'm not the only one reading this blog who has the problem of "so many clothes, so little time", so don't go shaking your heads at me! There is no judgement in fashion!!! (yeah right)

dress: Ross, shoes: Chinese Laundry, rings: various flea markets, clutch: no name brand from a boutique in L.A

Shoutout to my lovely photog, Latoya:


  1. SEXY!!! I love it and I miss you!!!

  2. hey boo! I love this look! that clutch is to die for! nice blog!

  3. awesome rings && clutch !

  4. "Yes you can!" Tribe Called Quest, ma! I'm loving your style and your bodaciousness. And I'm totally going to steal your scarf as top idea. Too cute!


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