Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring has finally arrived...

and I'm loving it! I'm a warm weather gal (August babies stand up!) and spring/summer are my favorite seasons. The following are work outfits from the past 2 days:

I was feeling very girly on Wednesday and decided to dress the part.
Dress: Macy's (Alfani), Belt: A.S, Bag: Patricia Field, Shoes: Zigi, Rings: H&M

Dress: WalMart, Shoes: Steve Madden (I need new leopard work shoes. These are too low and I've beaten the poor things down.) Necklace: some boutique in Atlanta, Bag: Aldo


  1. Gorgeous!! Hey...I get no kind of photo credit? LOL JK!!!

  2. That dress is from walmart! I need to definitely hit up walmart when I come home this summer. I love the juxtaposition of the dress and leopard dress!


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