Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Fat and the Furious

Just a couple of rants to start this lovely Thursday:
1. Don't you just love those people who are obviously extremely unhappy with themselves?? They critique EVERYTHING, rarely have anything nice to say, they look constipated and there is a perpetual look of disapproval on their faces. I wanna give these folks a hug and a dose of self esteem.

2. I hate when a FF (fellow fattie) tells me what "WE" can't, excuse me! YOU can't wear it (stripes, huge prints/patterns, high waisted anything), but I can! GTFOH

3. My co-workers have a horrible habit of repeating everything someone says during a conversation and it's annoying as hell.

Ok lovely people, that's enough rants for today. Have a great weekend!


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