Friday, February 17, 2012

It's funny: before I started this blog, people would always ask me why I didn't take daily pictures of my outfits and I didn't have any real I do. I'm discovering my daily outfits aren't really all that great LOL. I'm also guilty of not remembering to take pics; I'm sure a tripod and adding it to my notes in my iPhone would help with this. Enough already! When you know better, you do better and I will do better. Recently, I've made a few thrift store purchases that I'm in love with and in my eagerness to wear them, I haven't bothered to get them altered...yet. This denim blazer is a perfect example. With the correct alterations, it will be perfect...until then, here are a few pics:

Blazer: Thrifted, Leotard: Ebay, Belt: Lane Bryant (10 yrs ago), Earrings: Asos, Ring: Chubby Cartwheel
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