Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sweater Weather

Fall is here in SoCal and I'm actually enjoying it. Here's two of my current favorite sweater pieces thus far:

Sweater: Fashion Time in Carson, CA, Jeans: Svoboda, Heels: Steve Madden (from like 2yrs ago)

Turtleneck: Mode Plus (ages ago), Skirt: Funktional via Shopbop, Boots: Ash

Friday, November 11, 2011

Now that we found love...

When I am stressed, I thrift...and depending on the level of stress, I find some awesome treasures. This jumpsuit was purchased last year on one of my excursions.  Whenever I wear it, at least one person approaches and asks if they can touch me; its hilarious. I"m very into one wearing what makes them feel good regardless of how others feel; life is too short (R.I.P Heavy D) to NOT do/say/wear what makes you happy.

*Please excuse the grease stain on my leg...yes, I hate stains on plus size persons also, but that's what I get for taking pics AFTER dinner. LE SIGH*

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LB/IJ...NY to LA

Pics from my weekend that I mentioned in the previous post...Enjoy!

LACMA (Tim Burton exhibit)/Venice Beach/Bossa Nova/Mingle and Plei/costume party/Goodwill/Virginia Gardens/Hollywood Blvd.

I was Chaka Khan for Halloween; I took the extremely lazy way out.
Leopard jumpsuit: KDash Kollection, Black dress: thrifted, Costume: catsuit from Ebay, belts: thrifted and Rainbow, Earrings: random boutique, Boots: Pleaser
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